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CSI [Customer Satisfaction Index]

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CRI CSI programs will provide your business with the detailed information, quality marketing materials, and extensive management tools to retain customers and generate more referrals.


"We have been running our post-work customer satisfaction surveys through Customer Research, Inc. since 2010. CRI has executed well beyond our expectations. Their team has been responsive to our needs as they’ve changed over the years, and we consider them a valuable partner in helping us deliver the best customer service experience in our industry."

— Barry Roberts
Manager, ARG Alliance, LYNX Services, a Solera Company

Why Incorporate a CSI Program?

Without a follow-up program, businesses remain unaware of most customer complaints. The vast majority of upset customers won’t complain to you. Most will simply avoid confrontation, go away mad, and take their business with them. It costs ten times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing customer, so it’s imperative to know about customer dissatisfaction, and to keep the customers you have happy.

A customer satisfaction indexing (CSI) program - sometimes referred to as a customer experience (CX, CE) or customer experience management (CXM, CEM) program - provides the information you need to salvage customers, learn strengths and weaknesses from your customers’ perspective, and implement proper processes and improve employee performance. CSI information is also commonly used to set standards and establish a benchmark to maintain them. A net promoter score (NPS) takes CSI a step further. The NPS has a strong correlation with revenue growth, along with the added benefit of having a standardized calculation, allowing for comparisons to other businesses.

Why CRI for Your CSI?

CRI CSI programs provide businesses with extensive information, increased customer retention, detailed management tools, powerful marketing materials, and more referrals. We have specialized in CSI measurement solutions since 1967, and we have the most experience at helping businesses increase customer retention and customer loyalty.

With a full-scale in-house contact center at the core, CRI is able to utilize the latest technologies to provide reliable and efficient ways to collect information. CRI utilizes all survey methodologies, including outbound and inbound live agent telephone, IVR telephone, email, direct mail, text, and strategic blends of the various methods.

A primary goal is to gather the largest amount of high quality information in a very timely manner. The process must cater to the customer, and leave a positive impression. This is why CRI prefers to keep questionnaires brief. At the same time, the survey results are delivered rapidly, allowing clients to resolve dissatisfaction immediately.

Completed survey results are emailed to management immediately. These “E-Results” are completely customizable per user by survey result urgency. All ground-level detail, as well as aggregate summary reporting which displays Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), is also posted real-time on the secure CRI website.

CRI web reporting includes individual survey results, which include interactive CRM functions, to aggregate summary reports. You can only improve upon something you can measure, and CRI allows you to benchmark and monitor your CSI using real-time, secure web-based reporting for all clients. CRI prides itself on custom report development, designing directly around the desires of the client. CRI is also very nimble, and is able to develop custom solutions quickly, whether building a CSI program from the ground up, or modifying existing offerings.

CRI also provides “group” aggregate reporting for enterprise clients. Databases and various levels of login access several layers deep are provided (e.g., login levels with specific results per location, district, region and national).

The Ultimate Value of CSI

CRI CSI programs provide businesses with the tools to uncover important information from the customer. This not only allows you to salvage customers, but also shows customers you care. At the same time, processes can be improved and employee behavior can be elevated, especially when incorporating incentive programs. Then, benchmarking the metrics at a high level allows you to adjust and improve business practices and processes. Finally, CSI data can be marketed, displaying evidence that you meet high levels of customer satisfaction.