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CSI Telephone Follow-Up

Customers rave about CRI’s call center

CRI has been providing CSI telephone follow-up services since 1967. Our in-house call center is marked by professionalism, data security, and efficiency. Call center agents are long-term, and are experts at representing your business and uncovering customer feedback. They take a “customer service” approach, not a typical “survey” approach. The agents gather every bit of detail from the customer, apologize on behalf of the client whenever necessary, and then document all comments, which gives you a snapshot of the entire conversation.

Our Follow-up Begins With Several Options for Secure Data Transfer

• Management system polling
• Secure FTP
• Web upload
• XML web services

CRI contacts customers by telephone immediately after their experience, and then reports the results real-time via email and the Internet. The highest contact percentages, coupled with a rapid turnaround time, help clients resolve customer dissatisfaction in an extremely timely manner, which leads to increased customer retention rates.

To ensure a high completed survey percentage, CRI follows a strategic schedule that includes weekday evening calls, blended with weekday mornings, afternoons, and Saturdays. CRI has the ability to leave an 800 number, enabling the customer to call back and conduct the survey on their own time. In today’s world, businesses must cater to all customers, while displaying respect for their time.

CRI has a detailed quality-control process, which translates to the in-house call center agents representing our clients extremely well. At the same time, they gather a large amount of detail on the calls. The CRI call center is always staffed with bilingual agents, and all calls are recorded and available for clients.

CSI Telephone Follow-up Program Highlights

• All surveys are completed by the most experienced, courteous and professional agents
• Calls are made six days per week at strategically varied times, leaving messages when applicable
• The outbound calling process allows for 24/7 inbound calls
• Calls are recorded, available to client
• Survey results are emailed immediately to client
• Surveys are posted in real time, available on website 24/7
• Built-in CRM program, streamlining the resolution process
• Summary reports updated in real time, available 24/7
• Reports broken down by several criteria (advisor, technician, salesperson, estimator, etc.)
• National reporting databases for benchmarking
• Rapid process, from customer delivery to customer contact and reporting

CRI has gained tremendous knowledge in working closely within many verticals of the automotive industry. This includes vast experience and knowledge of data flow, survey design, survey methodologies and reporting.

Auto Dealers - We Pledge to Increase Your Manufacturer CSI

• We contact a higher percentage of customers, and provide more information, allowing you to resolve more instances of dissatisfaction quickly, before the manufacturer survey is returned.
• We influence more happy customers to return their manufacturer survey, resulting in a larger sample size and more positive and accurate CSI scores.
• We educate customers on the importance of top-box scores, resulting in more customers providing the scores you deserve (for manufacturers that allow this education).

CSI Program Optional Add-Ons

• Process Evaluation – Determining if employees are following all procedures properly
• Review Request – Calls that encourage and make it easy for your satisfied customers to enhance your online reputation
• OEM Education – Educating customers about a potential upcoming survey