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Reputation CX


ReputationCX - The most comprehensive Reputation and CSI platform. Drive revenue with an enhanced reputation, retain more customers, improve processes, and generate more referrals.


Reputation CX

• Measure the customer experience through a multi-channel follow-up process
• Email first survey approach which is non-intrusive and caters to the customer
• Telephone surveys supplement to keep the customer relationship personal
• Web reporting measuring CSI statistics including NPS
• A SureCritic ratings and review website that averages 4.7 stars
• Your SureCritic site will rank high while diluting and displacing damaging review sites
• ReviewReach generates 5-star reviews across the web through a text platform
• Social Monitoring makes you aware of all your reviews on the Internet
• RapidResponse handles all responses for you immediately
• In addition to an improved reputation, SEO is greatly improved